latest update: Oktober 2017

"Refugee 11" awarded with "Best Film Prefessional"
at the Film Festival Cologne (October 2017)
"Refugee 11" on TV Phoenix: 02.09.2017 10:30pm
"Mr. Gay Syria" tours on more festivals:
Festival de Sevilla (8.-10.11.2017)
Chicago Film Festival (19.+20.10.2017)
Antenna Festival Sydney (14.10.2017)
Sarajevo Film Festival (14.08.2017)
"Mr. Gay Syria" awarded with:
▸ Human Rights Award: 23. Sarajevo Film Festival (Aug 2017)
▸ Special Jury Mention: Turin Lovers Festival (Sept 2017)
Kurdische Filmfestvial Berlin shows:
▸ The Heiress: 20.June 2017 8pm at Babylon Mitte
▸ Come to my Voice: 17.June 2017 5pm Babylon Mitte
on TV: 11. June 11:30am arte
Mr. Gay Syria" celebrates world premiere at the Sheffield Doc Fest 2017!
11. June 2017 9am Curzon Screen 1
13. June 2017 3:15pm Bertha Dochouse Showroom 4
Ayse Toprak (Director), Ekin Calisir (Producer) und Mahmoud Hosseini (Protagonist) will be present
"Refugee 11" celebrates Premiere at the 11mm Festival in Berlin
1. April 4:30pm at Babylon Mitte, entrance free!
12.02.2017 4:30pm AdK Hanseatenweg
13.02.2017 5pm Arsenal 1
"The Audition" invited to 66th Berlinale!!!
screening times tba soon...
TV Documentary
12.01.2016 8:15pm at RBB, Director: Lutz Pehnert
TV Documentary
14.01.2016 11:05pm at MDR, Director: Inga Wolfram
"Playground" wins award
at exground Filmfest in Wiesbaden (Nov 2015)
Always #Girls Can goes online (Nov 2015)
commercial for Always Arabia
"Drawing a Line." at Viennale, Austria (30.10. and 1.11.2015)
"Were Dengê Min" wins more awards:
Best Screenplay, Best female lead (Feride Gezer): 1. Edirne Film Festival (Nov 2015): 
Best Balkan Film: Sofia International Film Festival (Mar 2015)
▸ Best international Film: Garden State Film Festival (Mar 2015)
▸ Runner-up Award: Anchorage International Film Festival (Dec 2014)
▸ Prix Spécial du Jury, Prix de la Critique: Cinema Mediterraneen Bruxelles (Dec 2014)
▸ Best Film: Mar del Plata Filmfest, Argentinia (Nov 2014)
▸ Audience Award: Milano Film Festival (Sept 2014)
▸ for more see below
"Playground" tours on more festivals:
 Klappe auf Shortfil Festival Hamburg (4.-6.12.2015)
 exground Filmfest Wiesbaden (13.-22.11.2015)
Kinofest Lünen (12.-15.11.2015)
Filmfest Bieberach (4.-8-11-2015)
Filmfest Osnabrück (19.-23.10.2015)
Alpinale, Austria (11.8.2015)
Filmfest Weiterstadt (11.8.2015)
Backup Filmfest Weimar (27.-31.5.2015)
Achtung Berlin (17.4.2015)
▸ ... Landshut, Frankfurt, Max Ophüls Saarbrücken, Munich...
(in german, available until 10.09.2016)
(in german, available until 10.09.2016)
19.06.2015 21:15 - 22:00 at ZDF (in german only)
26.06.2015 21:15 - 22:00 at ZDF (in german only)
Berlin Premiere "Drawing a Line."
at Babylon Mitte, 19.04.2015 8pm
Cinema Release "Drawing a Line." 23.04.2015
"Drawing a Line." wins Audience Award
World Premiere "Drawing a Line." at DOK-Leipzig
28.10.2014 19:45, Cinestar4, Leipzig

"The Heiress" 30.10.2014 20:00 Colosseum, Berlin
"Were Dengê Min"
27.10. 2014 17:00 Colosseum, Berlin
at the Turkish Film Week Berlin

World Premiere "Playground" at the Hofer Filmtagen
24.10.2014 19:30 in Scala

"Were Dengê Min" wins "Audience Award" Milano Film Festival 2014
"Were Dengê Min" wins 2 awards at Red Tulip Filmfestival Rotterdam 2014:
"Best Film" and "Best Director"

"Were Dengê Min" wins 3 awards at 33. Istanbul Film Festival 2014:
"Best Music", "People's Choice Award" and " Award"


"Were Dengê Min" at 64th B E R L I N A L E 
Competition GENERATION KPlus
9th Feb at 12:30 Zoopalast, Berlin
other screenings

"Upsidedown" wins 3 Awards at 16th Olympia International Filmfestival
Best Director, Best Girl Actor, ECFA Award

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S C R E E N I N G S   N O V E M B E R  '1 3

C I N E M A  R E L E A S E  "Upside Down" Nov 07 2013
other Screenings and Festivalparticipations

S C R E E N I N G S   O C T O B E R  '1 3

"The Heiress"
27., 29. and 30. Oct in Sao Paulo, Brasil
37. Mostra International de Cinema

"Upside Down"
13. Oct - BFI Filmfestival London, UK

S C R E E N I N G S   S E P T E M B E R  '1 3

"The Amount of Small Things"
15. Sept 11am Cinema Bundesplatzkino, Berlin, the director Sophie Narr will be present

S C R E E N I N G S   M A R C H  '1 3

"Upside Down"
International Premiere:
07. and 08. March - FIFEM Montreal, Canada
14. and 15. March - BUFF Malmö, Schweden

"Based Down South"
09. March 7:30pm HAU2, Berlin
"Deutschländer - Geschichten zwischen hier und dort"
Film and Panel Discussion

"Football under Cover"
16. March 7:15pm Babylon Miite, Berlin
11mm 10. Internationales Fussballfilmfestival
Nominated for the "Best Football Film of All Times"

S C R E E N I N G S    F E B R U A R Y

"Upside Down"
11. Feb 09:30am, HdKW Worldpremiere
63. Berlinale Generation KPlus
other screenings

S C R E E N I N G S    J A N U A R Y

"The Heiress"
27. Jan 7:15pm, Worldpremiere IFFR Rotterdam
other screenings

2 0 1 2

S C R E E N I N G S   S E P T E M B E R

"Have A Head, Have Feet Too ..."
23rd Sept 11am, Alhambra Berlin

"Based Down South"
27th Sept 8pm, Wildwest, Mannheim

S C R E E N I N G S    J U L Y

"Kümmel Goes East"
17th July AG-Dok im Lichtblick Kino, Berlin

"Based Down South"
24th July 6pm German French Cultural Centre Ramallah

S C R E E N I N G S    J U N E

"Kümmel Goes East"
27th June 8pm 41. Lubuskie Lato Filmowe, Poland

S C R E E N I N G S    M A Y

"Based Down South"
3rd May 8pm Filmclub Blendwerk, Strahlsund
6th May 8pm Schikander Club, Wien

S C R E E N I N G S   M A R C H

"Kümmel Goes East"
7th March 6pm Deutsch Polnische Gesellschaft, Dresden

"Based Down South"
8th March 6:30pm E-Werk, Erlangen

"Football under Cover"
8th March 7pm Discover Football, Berlin

S C R E E N I N G S   J A N U A R Y

"Football und Cover"
13th Jan 10am Film Museum Vienna

"Kümmel Goes East"
19th - 21st Jan Fabrikkino Neustrelitz

2 0 1 1

S C R E E N I N G S   D E C E M B E R

"Kümmel Gos East"

8th - 21st Dec Cineding, Leipzig

S C R E E N I N G S   N O V E M B E R

"Based Down South"
2. International Filmfestvial Malatya, Turkey
28th - 24th Nov
10th Nov 9pm Kino im Deutschen Filmmuseum Frankfurt
12th Nov 6pm Filmhaus Köln Tüpisch Türkish #6

"Kümmel Goes East"
13th Nov 7:30pm Filmladen 28th Kasseler Dokfest
27th Nov 8pm Premiere WDK - Rzeszow, Poland
24th - 30th Nov Werkstattkino Munich

S C R E E N I N G S   O C T O B E R

"Based Down South"
2nd Oct 7:30pm Kommunales Kino Freiburg
6th Oct 6pm Babylon Mitte, Berlin
28th Oct 6pm Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin
31st Oct 7:30pm Jewish Museum Berlin

S C R E E N I N G S   S E P T E M B E R

"Based Down South"
17th Sept 8pm Heinrich-Böll Stiftung Brandenburg, open-air

Worldpremiere "Regarding Life"
29th Sept in Hannover, nordmedia
time and place nn

S C R E E N I N G S   A U G U S T

"Kümmel Goes East"
Babel Festiwal Lodz, Poland
4th Aug 9pm

Cinema Release "Kümmel Goes East" in Berlin
18th - 31st of Aug in ACUD, fsk and Brotfabrik
25th of Aug - 7th of Sept in Krokodil Cinema

S C R E E N I N G S    J U L Y

"Football under Cover"
Long Night of Womens Football Films at CinemaxX Potsdamer Platz, Berlin 8th of July 5pm

S C R E E N I N G S   J U N E

"The Day We Danced on the Moon"
Open City London Documentary Film Festvial
17th of June 12pm Darwin Theatre

"Football under Cover"
Human Rights Film Festival Nürnberg
19th of June 7pm Künstlerhaus Nürnberg

"Based Down South"
Cinema im Ostertor, Bremen 22nd June 6:45pm

S C R E E N I N G S   M A Y

"The Day We Danced on the Moon"
Hot Docs Filmfestival Toronto 4th and 6th May

"Based Down South"
6th International Labour Film Festival Istanbul
1st - 8th May Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir

S C R E E N I N G S    A P R I L

"The Day we danced on the Moon" at Visions du Réel
7th - 13th April in Nyon, Switzerland

"Based Down South" and "Kümmel goes East" at the
Achtung Berlin - New Berlin Film Award, 13th - 20th April

"Based down South"
Mannheim: Agenda Kino, 9th April, 7:30pm
München: Türkische Filmtage, 10th April, 4pm

and at the
CROSSING EUROPE Filmfestival Linz, 12. - 17. April

S C R E E N I N G S    M A R C H

"Based down South" at the 16th Filmfestival Turkey / Germany
Nürnberg: 19th March at 3pm and 26th March at 3pm

"Based down South" at the Goethe Institute Copenhagen: 17th March at 7:15pm 

S C R E E N I N G S    F E B R U A R Y

"The Day We Danced on the Moon"
12th Feb at 5pm, HAU 1, Berlin
61. Berlinale - Berlin Today Award 2011

S C R E E N I N G S    J A N U A R Y

Premiere: "Kümmel goes East" Max Ophüls Award
21st Jan at 5pm, Cinestar 3
22nd Jan at 12pm, Cinestar 2

"Based down South"
Berlin: 15th Jan at 6pm, Moviemento
in presence of the director M. Priessner, 
with panel discussion about current Visa politics
Köln: 02. - 12. Jan at the Kölner Filmhaus
Hamburg: 07. Jan 7pm at Alabama Kino
in presence of M. Priessner
Hannover: 14. and 15. Jan 8:30pm at Kino im Sprengel
in presence of M. Priessner

S C R E E N I N G S    D E C E M B E R

"I have a head, I have feet too ..."
07th Dec 10am at Arsenal, Berlin in presence of the director Bianca Bertram and the protagonists

"The Amount of Small Things"
bei AG Dok im Lichtblick, Berlin
21st Dec at 6pm in presence of A. Misselwitz

"Based down South"
at the 16th Filmschau Baden - Württemberg
in Stuttgart: 03rd Dec 6pm at Metropol 2

S C R E E N I N G S    N O V E M B E R

Cinema release  "Based down South"
11th - 17th Nov at fsk and Lichtblick
in presence of the team:
12th Nov at 6pm in fsk and 14th Nov at 3pm in Lichtblick

"Based down South"
16. London Turkish Film Festival
7th + 9th Nov at Rio Cinema
16th +17th Nov at Apollo Picadilly Circus

"Based down South" at Tüpisch Türkisch
13th Nov at Filmhaus Collogne, in presence of the director M. Priessner

"Based down South"
13th International 1001 Documentary Film Festival Istanbul
29th Oct - 4th Nov in Istanbul

"Søen i Spejlet"
Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival
6th Nov and 12th Nov at 5:30pm at Gloria, Copenhagen

"Søen i Spejlet"
22. Istanbul International Shortfilm Festival
12th Nov 7pm at the Goethe Institute Istanbul

S C R E E N I N G S    O C T O B E R

"Based down South"
German Premiere at the German Competition of the
53. International Dokfest Leipzig
21st and 23rd Oct at Cinestar 6

"The Amount of Small Things"
16. Ingolstädter Künsterlinnentage "Der Oktober ist eine Frau"
at the Audio Programmkino, 29th Oct at 8pm, in presence of Sophie Narr

"Stultifera Garden"
at the Collogne KunstFilmBiennale in Berlin
16th Oct at KW - Institute for Contemporary Art
Artists of the BILD-KUNST Award for experimental film

A N D   O N   T V 

"Kümmel Goes East"
TV Premiere RBB 11th Sept 2012 23:30

"Deutschland Deine Künstler - Katharina Thalbach"
Author: Lutz Pehnert
WDR: 8h Oct 2012 00:00
ARD: 7th July 2012 23:20
RBB: 5th Jan 2012 22:15

"Based down South"
ZDF Kultur: 9th May 2012 10:30am
3sat: 10th July 2011 22:25
TV-Premiere ZDF: 29th Nov 2010 at 00:30am 

"20x Brandenburg - Feuer und Flamme"
Director: Bernd Sahling
RBB: 1st Oct 2011 at 08:15pm and 03rd Oct at 9am

"Anstoss in Teheran - Football under Cover"
PHOENIX: 3rd April 2012 10:15pm
ORF III: 4th June 2012 08:15pm
SWIII: 21st Oct 2011 at 0:15am