GB/DE (2001), 12min, DV

Director / Cinematographer: Anne Misselwitz
Camera Operator: Grace Gaffney, Jaymz Wong
Sound Design: Christian Koefoed
Editor: Jaymz Wong
Production: London College of Communications (LCC)

"Twilight" is a journey through contemporary Berlin along the former Wall strip which is now like a greyzone within the bright city, where different lighting phenomena meet. Uncertainty and chaos, ambiguity and contrast simultaneously coexist with adventurous and at times bold visions of the new city. The film juxtaposes these contrasting situations as characterizations of different light sources, unified by the magic atmosphere of dusk and the exemplified absence of the Wall as unlit (untouched) spaces in twilight: like a mosquito at night that keeps flying to the light sources.

screened at many international festivals

Currently showing at
BERLIN 89/09
- Art Between Traces of the Past and Utopian Futures
B e r l i n i s c h e   G a l e r i e

Exhibition: Sept. 18th 2009 to Feb. 15th 2010

participating artists: Tacita Dean, Wolfgang Tillmans, Johanna Domke, Björn Melhus (ao)