DE/IE (2011), 11min, EOS 7D  

Writer & Director:
Tristan Daws

Editor: Alice Powell
Sound Recording: Peter Carstens
Sound Design: Niklas Kammertöns
Music: Dominik Sprungula
Producer: Vanessa Temps
Exec. Producer: Stefan Kloos, Kloos & Co Medien GmbH
One of the 5 finalists for the Berlin Today Award 2011
Premiere: 61th Berlinale – Berlin Today Award 2011
15th Feb, 5pm at HAU1
THE DAY WE DANCED ON THE MOON tells the story of “The Channel One Band”, a reggae band of mental health patients, as they journey to the West Coast of Ireland. Along their way they share with us the experience of psychosis, a mental illness where a sufferer perceives the world in a different way. A journey out of ourselves into another state of mind that shows us that no matter how extraordinary an experience might be, reality will eventually come calling. We might all have our day on the moon, but sooner or later we will all come crashing down to earth.
Winner of Shooting People's best film (April 2012) - as judged by Nicholas Philibert

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