SØEN I SPEJLET (Lake in the Mirror)
DK (2010), 22min, 16mm

Direction / Production: Johanna Domke
Editing: Angelika von Chamier
Scenography / Costume: Katrin Gerheuser
Sound: Bilgehan Öziş

Supported by: Kunstrådet, Vestjyllands Artmuseum

Premiere: Future Shorts Kopenhagen (December 2009)
Festivals: Rencontre International Madrid (April 2010)

Shot in Sorø, Danmark

„Søen i spejlet“ (“Lake in the Mirror“) deals with nature as a refuge where the rules and hierarchies of society are put out of play – at least until new hierarchies and rituals start regulating the refuge.

The film is the re-enactment of a former boarding school tradition in Denmark. Once a year the students of Sorø Academy held a ritual out in the woods, burning effigies of their teachers on a bonfire.

The narrative of the film evolves around the character of a former student that revisits the place of his school days meeting with a group of young students. What first seems to be the fictionalization of the former student´s memory, becomes more and more the documentation of the staging of the ritual – the alumni himself being the director. But as soon as the ritual sets off, all turns to a different state of realness, as the anger and emotion of the young students boil up to an uncanny level of authenticity.


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