Regarding life
DE (2011) 24min, RED MX
Cast: Marlon Weber, Leon Haxhijaj, Katarina Gaub, Martin Vischer

Writer & Director:
Sophie Narr
Editor: Janina Herhoffer
Sound Design: Henrik Cordes
Art Direction: Franziska Riedmiller, Foer Künkel
Gaffer: Christoph Lemmen
1st AC: Torsten Schimmer
Production: Millenium TV
Producer: Klaus Rustmeier, Sophie Narr
Funding: nordmedia and Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover: „Cast & Cut“ scholarship
Premiere: 29.10.2011 8pm Künstlerhaus Hannover
The 13 year old Natalie and her little brother live in a state of uncertainty. After being separated from their mother they find themsleves trapped within the new routines of an emergency shelter for kids. Fending for themselves and waiting for contact to their sick mother a drama of guilt, dependency and forgiveness unfolds between brother and sister. But the responsibiliy for her suffering brother is soon becoming too big for Natalie - she starts looking for change.