Kümmel goes east
DE/PL (2011), 92min, XD-CamEX
Director: Paul Hadwiger

Writer: Doreen Rechin
 | Paul Hadwiger
Camera: Anne Misselwitz | Paul Hadwiger
Editing: Rune Schweitzer
Sound: Silvio Naumann

Production: Peter Roloff, maxim film
Programme Manager: Birgit Mehler, (RBB), Beate Schönfeld (MDR)

Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, BKM, Filmbüro Bremen, Filmfund NRW
Living five years for a shopping center. Five years with its developers and local residents. Five years between Germany and Poland. Five years until the dawn of the New World. Hermann Kuemmel building a school house in Nicaragua. That was in the '80s. Today the born Hessian is working in Rzeszow, east Poland. He's building the NEW WORLD shopping center. At Kuemmel's side stands Polish manager Viola Wojnowski, who negotiates with trade partners and financiers. But she doesn't want to continue living in Poland - she's having her dream house built in the German capital. Investor and art collector Dr. Erich Marx works in the background. The shopping center project is controversial amongst inhabitants of the local prefab estate where it is to be built. But contracts have been finalized and construction vehicles are rolling in. Director Paul Hadwiger and his team followed the creation of the shopping center over five years. He encounters developers and inhabitants, pursues their stories. Despite their differences, all concerned are united by one question - that of how one wishes to live.

More: http://www.maxim-film.de/sonderfilm.php