Divine DURGA
DE/IND (2005), 13min, DVCPro

Direction: Heiko Aufdermauer
Sound: Andreas Mohnke
Production: Anna Wendt, Cathleen Hoffmann
HFF "Konrad Wolf", ARTE, SRFTI Calcutta

Prodip’s biggest love is the art of creating statues of gods. He spends most of his time drawing and practicing his skills. He knows that this is his purpose in life and he will learn this craft from one of the craftsmen. But his father does not consider it to be the right way for his son. He rather wants him to learn a "decent" profession which is appropriate for his cast and assures a decent income to support his parents in the future.

"Divine Durga" was produced within a workshop initiated by Rosa von Praunheim in collaboration with ARTE. 20 students from the Potsdam Film School HFF "Konrad Wolf" travelled to Calcutta in spring 2005 to produce 9 short films together with students from the Film School in Calcutta (SRFTI).

Festival and TV-Screenings (ao. ARTE 2006)