The East germans
25 paths into a new Land
Documentary Series DE (2014), 5x 78:30min

Writer / Creative Director: Lutz Pehnert
Directors: Lutz Pehnert, Uli Gaulke, Jeannette Eggert, Gabriele Denecke, Jürgen Ast, Carsten Fiebeler, Christian Klemke
DoPs: Anne Misselwitz, Wolfgang Gaube, Peter Badel, Andre Böhm
Thomas Kleinwächter
Sound: Johannes Schneeweiss, Manuel Voigt, ua.
Production: credo:film GmbH - Susann Schimk, Jörg Trentmann
Programme Managers RBB: : Jens Stubenrauch, Rolf Bergmann
Programme Director RBB:
Rainer Baumert

Funded with support of Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg and Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED Diktatur, in Cooperation with Ch.Links Verlag (Publisher of the book) und der Berliner Zeitung (Series of Portraits).

For the former GDR citizens, the collapse of the communist GDR in 1989 meant numerous professional and personal breaks and disappointments, in many ways a complete reorientation or the great opportunity to travel, to find wealth, new luck. 25 years after the Fall of the Wall, THE EAST GERMANS shows how they dealt with these great and enduring changes and who they have become today.

The "25 paths of life" enable a vast cross-section through the East German soul, across milieus, income levels and generations. In each episode an individual song adds an emotional layer that takes us back in time.

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nominated for
Grimme Preis 2015
"Information / Culture"