Anne Misselwitz was recently awarded the prestigious Dortmund Prize for Women Directors of Photography (Documentary) for her film „The Amount of Small Things“.
The prize comes with an award of 2.500 Euros. The jury (Sophie Maintigneux, Bella Halben und Ute Freund) praised the film for being:

"Always at eye-level. The film is respectful, discreet, affectionate. It is patient, calm, observant. It is during our first year at school - a time we have all been through - when we usually first encounter conflict. In this film we become immersed in the worlds of Fuat, Laethicia, Bright and Sanita. Anne Misselwitz’s intuitive camera work gives us an immediate experience and sympathy with the subjects. Her unbiased way of looking is neither judgmental nor intrusive and makes a profound impression on the viewer."

Screening Saturday, 25th April 2009 at 4pm
Award Ceremony: 26th April, 6pm, Schauburg
Brückstr. 66
44135 Dortmund