Awards of the 16th Olympia International Film Festival for children and Young People (2013)
(Jury Members: Céline Ravenel, Andrzej Roman Jasiewicz, Ivana Alpeza, Sam Geuens, Antonis Papadopoulos)

Bernd Sahling for the direction of the film Upsidedown
For masterly leading young actors through a complex and full of tension drama and bringing universal values to the screen.


Frieda-Anna Lehman for her appearance at the film Upsidedown:
For enriching an excellent film with her presence, touching truly professional standards.

ECFA AWARD (European Childrens Film Association)
(Jury Members: Céline Ravenel,
Ivana Alpeza, Sam Geuens)
For a sensitive film about a growing problem of attention deficiency disorder, for a contemporary and unusual approach to a sound design in a children film and the true relationship between main characters, the jury gives the ECFA Award to Upside Down, directed by Bernd Sahling from Germany.